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The official website of Apple Corps Ltd.
The official website of The Beatles.
The official website of John Lennon.
The official website of Paul McCartney.
The official website of George Harrison.
The official website of Ringo Starr.
Badfinger Library is the website that has been made by Tom Brennan. It is dedicated to the appreciation of Badfinger's musical legacy, including the music of The Iveys.
The official website of Billy Preston.
The official website of Brute Force.
The official website of Jackie Lomax.
The official website of Lon van Eaton.
Mary Hopkin International Site is the website that has been made by Hans den Besten from Holland. Obviously this Mary Hopkin International Site is not just about her songs recorded between 1968 and 1972 at The Beatles' record label Apple. The periods before and after this well-known period of Marys life are extensively looked into. Just one click on this sites button CD Discography and it will become clear to everybody that over the last 35 years Mary Hopkin really has been and still is on top!
The New Mary Hopkin Friendly Society is the website that has been made by Pat Richmond. The original Friendly Society (fan club) was started back in 1968 by Carole Hopkin, Mary's sister, and was run from the Beatles' Apple Offices at 3 Savile Row, London. Later the task of running the society was taken over by Mary's mother in Pontardawe which was Mary's home town. There it remained until it's closure in 1973.
a yoko ono box is the website that has been made by Sari Gurney and appears to have Yoko's blessing.
Worldwide Apple Records Discography is the website made by Ed Dieckmann. The aim of this website is to present a complete worldwide discography of every record issued on the Apple label with every possible label and/or cover variation.
The Apple Sleevograhia is the website that shows sleeves that were issued by Apple Records all over the world.
WEES' U.S. Apple Lp's is the website that has been made by Wees. From 1968 through 1975, all Beatles and solo records were released on their own label: Apple Records. The label also released recordings by friends (Billy Preston, Ravi Shankar, etc.) and discoveries of their own (Badfinger, James Taylor, Mary Hopkin, etc.). This is the complete listing of all U.S. Apple Records LPs. Unfortunately the Wees' U.S. Apple Singles website is off-line...
About The Beatles is a comprehensive and informative website about the Beatles. Featured is an unparalleled international discography of LPs, EPs, singles, and more. A comprehensive timeline, interviews, rare photos, quotes, incredibly detailed song and album information and much more. A complete menu can be found on the left side of each page.
TheBeatleSource is the website that has been made by Chazz Avery. The focus of this website is Acetates and Tapes between 1957 and 1970 (there are a few exceptions). Chazz has tried to provide as much information about as many known acetates that he could find. In addition, you will find info on various E.M.I. master reel tapes (certainly, the holy grail of recordings), other rare tapes, test pressings and other odds and ends.
Dave Dermon III's Beatles Singles Pages is the website that has been created by Dave Dermon. It is showcasing the many label variations used on U.S. Beatle & solo singles from 1963 to today, including an assortment of non-U.S. singles.
Songs, Pictures and Stories of The Beatles is the website that has been designed by Mitch McGeary. It's a reference website: everything you always wanted to know about Beatles' recordings and records, including CDs, can be found here.
Help! In The World is the website that has been designed by Ferran Vallejo from Spain. The website is dedicated to the album Help! and shows all kinds of different releases from many countries of the singles, albums, cassettes and CDs that are related to Help! Over the years the website expanded with Spanish releases of the Beatles and the solo years. On every page you can hear an electronic version of a Beatles' song...
The Beatles is the website that gives you the complete Beatles U.K. discography... and more...
PLUGGED is the unofficial homepage of Paul McCartney that has been made by Harald Gernhardt. Unfortunately there has been no updates since 2007.
Ring O' Records is the website that has been made by Brad Howard & Mitch McGeary. "Back in 1997, The World Beatles Forum fanzine published an article documenting the RING O RECORDS discography. As the name implies, Ring O was a company owned by Ringo Starr. Since that first article was printed, several new facts have come to light. Here is our revised version of the labels history and discography, with continuous updates to be added as new information is discovered."